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Portfolio report: Feb 9, 2019

I've continued my investment thesis and fine tuned it into something I can apply during my investment choices as an investment thesis:

I will invest in well-run companies that I understand, with significant preference given to those that I also use, who are building platforms (not products) and have a high growth potential.

To that end, I've continued to slowly build out my portfolio. Having that thesis has also helped steer me away from some companies I'd otherwise invest in as well (like EA).




Hamilton Thorne Ltd is setting themselves up to be the primary supplier of fertility equipment and software. I see this as a long-term investment, and the platform their building makes a lot of sense in the space.


Atlassian has a aging platform for companies that they need to adapt and improve or risk being disrupted. Some of their recent choices (like killing HipChat and pushing more for cloud) make me think they can do it. There are some signs that their growth is slowing though (as they increase prices to try and make their revenue look stable). So I'll be keeping this position small and watching it closely.


I added Scotiabank as it looked like they were preparing to be more international and build a banking platform they could franchise in more countries. Sadly, they've recently started to sell of those pieces that I found more interesting. There's a good chance I'll sell off BNS once I find a better target.

Today my portfolio made 4.02% ($16.56 CAD and $8.68 USD). So overall not to bad, New Flier carries most of that increase, and I expect will be a good performer for me.

I have a bit of cash sitting in the account, and my current plan is that will be used to purchase a share of EA tomorrow. Investment logic there is EA has a local office and they do have products I use, additionally they've been trading down since a game failed to launch last quarter when expected. That game launching in this quarter should make a nice amount of increase there (that's the theory at least). This will be my last trade until more funds are added at the end of the month, although I'll continue to report performance occasionally.

I've started up some buy-and-hold investments, with the theory behind them being that I will primarily buy stocks in products that I use either myself or professionally at my job AND that I know have good products and sales processes.

Since I've worked for a few companies, I've learned that these two elements often tell the way the wind is going to blow for that company.

So it begins... So to start off I've grabbed 3 stocks:

TSX: NFI (New Flyer International)

Bought 9 shares at $33.14 CAD New Flyer makes buses, and have a huge number of existing orders to fill for those buses. And, in keeping with my investing premise, they are the buses used where I live. Why I like this position is right now the stock is down due to supply chain issues last quarter which appear to be fixed, and they're going heavy into battery-powered and technologically advanced buses. When self-driving buses are common, these guys will be in an ideal position to take advantage.

NASDAQ: OKTA (Okta, Inc)

Bought 3 shares at $63.42 USD Okta makes Single-Sign-On tools for companies and SAML/OAuth backends for developers. They're in a good place to profit on cloud migrations being undertaken by slow-moving industries. As people move from permanent licenses to cloud licenses they need to simply those login details. Again, this is a service I personally use.

NASDAQ: UPWK (Upwork Inc)

Bought 7 at $18.68 USD Upwork is a platform for freelancers to find work and employers to find freelancers. This is a bet on the overall gig economy, and Upwork is a platform I've played with previously.

These are all some pretty minor positions, but I'll continue to grow it monthly over time and keep some updates here on how it's going!

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