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A hybrid in the USA

After a long process of planning and applications, I officially moved to the United Stated back in June! The final bits of the process came together much faster than I expected, and I ended up getting my status and moving all within a month.

With so little prep and a move at the beginning of Summer it made the logistics rather difficult. I had Uhaul cancel on me twice before I booked a private trailer to move down my stuff. As luck would have it, the trailer then broke down on the side of the road late in the evening and had to be towed the last stretch.

Lots of elements ended up being much easier than I expected (getting my car imported and my new Driver’s License were both very easy) and other aspects ended up being much more difficult than it feels like they should be (trying to open an investment account required two hour-long phone calls and an in-person visit to a branch since they couldn’t verify my identity).

Even though it’s been a bit now, I still feel like I’m settling in.