Out With A Splash

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She glanced over her day pass, walking past the turnstiles and shoving the pass along with her hands into her pockets. She walked gingerly on the slippery wet leaves covering the walkway.

Milling in among the few hundred park visitors who were there for the same event, she kept her eyes fixed on her goal. She was there, for a different reason. She pulled a dolphin medallion from her pocket and turned it over it her hand.

It glowed soft orange.

“That’s right Marty, you can do it…”


Shadows formed on the floor of the pool as the sun shone through the steel catwalk above. Marty circled in the warm shallow water, studying the walls around him. Had it always been this small?

He bumped against his reflection on the far side of the pool and looked at himself. He was anxious, panicked even as he felt trapped in the tight confines. How did he end up here?

“And now our star?” A woman’s voice echoed through the water as he dove to the bottom of the pool and prepared to swim to the top. He didn’t remember why he did anymore, just that there was a nice woman with a fish somewhere out there.

Maybe he could ask her what was going on.

He broke the surface as dozens of people gasped. He was headed directly toward a young woman in a tight-fitting uniform. She was on the edge of the pool. He was flying out of it.

He remembered nothing else. Nothing after feeling her soft body being pushed back by his. Nothing after feeling both of them connect with the textured plastic around the outside the pool.

Nothing until she opened her eyes in the emergency room.


“Miss Trenan?” Asked a woman dressed in colorful but ill-fitting clothes.

Yes? She’d meant to say, instead she groaned and felt pain coursing through her body.

“You’ve been in an accident, but you’re going to be okay.” The nurse paused and looked at her.

She tried forming words again but her mouth felt wrong, all she could succeed in doing was making a high-pitched squeak that left the nurse wide eyed.

“We’re going to run a few more tests.”

Writing Prompt: Bedroom Description

I’m quiet as I walk in, just in case. My hands shake as I guide the flashlight’s beam to the bed. It’s empty, thank God. I walk over and pull the blinds shut before turning on the lamp on the nightstand. A soft glow illuminates the room, and I turn off my flashlight.

Beside the lamp, a disconnected charging cable snakes down into a wall outlet, the walls themselves a light grey, speckled at eye level with nail holes. The bed was unmade but neat. Half made? Like he’d made it then carefully unfolded it again? Why was I so interested in his bed… I’m not a creep.

I glance around; the walls have no decoration despite all the holes, previous tenants I guess.

It’s small; maybe it’s in a drawer? I look around again and look back at the nightstand; there’s only one drawer. He really needs furniture.

I open it slowly and there it is. I pick it up, turn on my flashlight and off the lamp, and walk out.

Night’s Call

Lads gaze up on monument sky
Taking their thoughts on places high
As bats chase after gnat and fly
And loons echo their chill cry

The dark is strong and spills from
it’s crack and crevice home
and stills the evening forest sound
as silent paws march the ground

To smell the warmth of forest air
Is to full abandon all one’s cares
For in the solitude of night
One sees beauty without light

As birds call out between the trees
In gentle wind that rattles leaves
When each one can with eyes closed
Still paint the scene the night has told

Beyond Rockhelm

Dennis dashed through the woods; it was late, but he had to warn them.

It wasn’t often that a stranger visited the foothills. Even less often would a stranger be in town intentionally. When he came into the town, he wanted supplies and directions to the village deeper into the hills.

Everyone told him, of course, there was no further community. They’d never seen anyone travel to or from any further in the hills. They also didn’t see Dennis when he slipped off while all the townsfolk ate their evening meal.

He was relaxing in the darkness, regaining his energy with high-energy trail mix for the next hour of seeking his way along in the woods. Turns out the adders wrote that too. The hour-long walk was becoming two hours of stumbling around with a swollen leg.

He was thankful when he reached their caves and quickly a group formed to assist him.

“He came into town two nights ago.” Dennis cried out as he explained his presence to the chief’s daughter.

“Stay still now and this will go faster.”

“What do you think it means?” The old leader asked as he watched her tend to the treatment.

“It can’t be good, very few should be looking for us,” she answered.

“I’ll send two scouts back toward the village and keep track of his progress.” He turned, “Thank you, Dennis, a days warning could mean a lot.”

The News

It was a humid day in August when Niki first broke the news to Tim. Telling him wasn’t easy. They’d discussed having a family before, sure. But now that it was happening it was going to be going from theoretical to reality awful quick.

“Hun, I’m pregnant.” She could make it simple, like pulling off a bandage.

“You know how we always talked about having a family?” Not really any better.

She stood still for a minute, letting her shoes sink into the soft mud as she chooses her words carefully. Finally, she settled them in her mind.

“I have something exciting to tell you. We’re going to have a baby!”

She smiled and let her hand run along the top of the smooth, polished granite. Her eyes starting to fill up with water.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure they know all about you. What an awesome husband you’ve been.”


A place that up and hit the ground
Of starts and endings, don’t look down
Where so few souls found their goal
But struggle through the runaround

What is it when it fades away?
When these yellow lines wash to grey
No one comes here anymore
A few loud seagulls castaway

Spreading bright green between the rows
Still half the steel-beamed guard will glow
For undisturbed glowing eyes
The flattened earth now theirs to know

Into the Sun

All you’ve said wasn’t enough
Words still drip from from your quaking lips
You feel there’s nothing to say
No more peace between you and me

No place to hide out anymore
The things you said pool on the ground
Sinking into your own demise
None can condemn than you’ve done.

It came easy so long ago
Seek and find no other way
Your hands shake in quivering fear
Come look what such anger has done

It all comes back to me and you
If it is important to stay
Can we together find that hope
To be allies against our fear

Believing in just what we say
Always trusting to find a way
Each one breaking through to the truth
Building our lives into the sun